CHL Complex


llyssia CHL formula contains an innovative complex of ingredients such as RNA & DNA, Plant Oligoproteins, Sphingolipids, Phospholipids and Liposomes.

The CHL Complex ® is the best ally to keep a healthy and radiant skin and fight premature aging. The CHL Complex ® is inspired by the natural skin’s functions yet optimized by innovative biotechnical research.

The CHL Complex ® helps prevent and treat premature skin ageing and reinforces the natural capacities of the skin to regenerate and maintain its flexibility and elasticity.

The CHL Complex ® acts in different ways in different layers of the skin. In the permeability barrier it helps to repair the damage that is caused by everyday living. In the stratum corneum, it stimulates the restoration of the lipid membranes. In the epidermal layer it helps to retain moisture, and so preserve flexibility and elasticity. In the dermis, it stimulates cellular regeneration and maintains collagen and elastin production.

The RNA and DNA complex is a yeast derived source of RNA and DNA for cosmetics. It contains nucleotides and nucleosides which have the ability to provide skin moisturising and tonifying effects.

Plant oligoproteins help delay premature ageing process and protect the skin.

Echinacea extract in liposomes is allotted soothing, moisturizing and regenerative virtues. It also presents anti-ageing, anti-blotch, antiseptic and firming properties. Recent studies have revealed that Echinacea also presented a powerful anti-oxidant activity. The liposomes help vehicle the actives through the uppermost skin layers.