Beauty Salon Treatments


In the 80’s, Illyssia Swiss cosmetic products were at first sold in beauty salons in Switzerland and all over Asia. It is still the case today, with thousands beauticians choosing our products in Europe, Russia, Canada, USA, Australia, Egypt, etc… and it is yet another fact that distinguishes Illyssia from other Swiss skincare brands!

At Illyssia, we are proud to develop professional performing products that beauticians all over the world use to pamper their clients and improve their skin. If so many professionals choose Illyssia, why not you?

When founding Illyssia, Helen Rosato-Rossi’s goal was to help women of all ages and all origins to remain beautiful, young, and gain self confidence.

Even though Illyssia is now distributed through selective beauty retailers in many countries, swiss spa treatments remain our valuable area of expertise.

Advised by skin experts, our founder Helen Rosato-Rossi has developed targeted beauty protocols and techniques meeting the needs of all skin types to even enhance the results of Illyssia full range of cosmetics.

At Illyssia, we strongly believe that application procedures and gestures are almost as important as our products’ quality to achieve visible results. Face massage and shaping techniques offer several benefits as they help the product penetrate the skin, stimulate blood circulation and cell regenerations, and fight the ageing process.