In the course of a systematic, successful skin care, the cleansing and preparation of the skin for the following applications is the first decisive step. The application of the Refining Lotion as it solves and removes gently dead cells of the skin’s horny layer, it does not only support the care success by refining the skin profile, but also by improving the efficacy of the following care products considerably.

To refine the look of the skin surface. Skin feels moisturized and looks energized, smooth and radiant.

Retail: CHP01 purifying lotion 200 ml

Retail: CHP01s purifying lotion 500 ml


A unique concentrated fluid to be used drop-wise as directed for the purification and healing of the skin. A blend of purifying herbal extracts to be diluted in warm water (45°C) the purpose of which is to enlarge the pores of the skin for a better skin purification.

How to use : Add min.5 drops of this fluid to 50-70 ml of warm water (max temperature 45°C). Soak cotton pads with this warm water to which the Purifying Drops has been added and apply them evenly on face and neck (avoid eye area) for few minutes (3-5 min).


Retail: CHP02 purifying drops 50 ml

Salon: CHP02s purifying drops 200 ml


This fluid pack is essential for normalising and preventing skin problems such as pimples, blackheads and acne. The product depending upon skin condition can be applied: Either occasionally, only on irritated areas with blemishes, . Or daily, as a preventative skin purifying treatment for people with acne problems.

Shake the bottle so that the white and green clays blend perfectly to form a homogenous lotion. After a deep cleansing of the areas to be treated, pour a generous amount of the product in the palm of the hand. Spread evenly over or on the specific area to be treated and let the product rest for the indicated period of time.

Retail: CHP03 purifying t-zone mask 50 ml

Salon: CHP03s purifying t-zone mask 200 ml


Oil free moisturizer specifically formulated for oily, blemish prone and combination skin. Enriched with specific ingredients this formula will help to mop up shine, mattify the complexion and control excess oils that can cause unwanted blemishes. A day and night time care for a clear, pure, matte appearance.

How to use : Apply every morning and evening on cleansed skin of face and neck with a gentle massage until complete absorption.

Retail: CHP04 purifying Moisterizing 50 ml

Salon: CHP04s purifying Moisterizing 250 ml


This cleansing emulsion is enriched with natural plants extracts.


Apply to the face and neck, morning and evening, with a light circular motion. Then rinse with clear water and dry with a facial tissue, before toning with Cellular Gentle Tonic.

– Removes make-up and impurities.

– Leaves the skin velvety and fresh.

– Deeply cleanses the skin

– Quickly and effectively dissolves all traces of make-up

– Helps revitalize the skin

Retail: CHP07 purifying cleanser 200 ml

Salon: CHP07s purifying cleanser 500 ml