Algae powder for mask. Firming and cleansing action.

The powder mask is composed of a selection of three types of algae:

– Diatom

– Phaeophyta

– Rhodophyta

These give the powder mask firming, clarifying and cleansing properties.

Pheophyta is a brown algae whose composition includes alginic acid. Alginic acid is found in the cell in the form of calcium alginate. It seems that it play a role of ion exchanger and of reserve carbohydrates.

Diatom is a microalgae which is essentially composed of silica. The porosity is very big. Certain diatoms can provoke an exothermic reaction when they are in the presence of water. These diatoms are fossilised matter.

Corallina Officinalis or coral algae is a plant biocomposite. This alga is part of the Rhodophycées or red algae family. It is an alga which calcifies in time. The composition is in majority carbonated calcium and magnesium.

The mask is prepared by mixing:

– 75 g of water or solvent at 18-20°C

– 25 g powder

Mix well. Apply on the face in a layer of approximately 2mm.

A thermal reaction takes place which will open the pores of the skin and the mask will imprison the impurities as it cools and hardens. The mask is removed by holding the edges at the bottom of the face and pulling upwards. The skin is clarified, cleansed and fresh.

This mask powder can be used as it is. It can also be personalised by adding active principals.  Which will give it a more specific action. The water can be replaced by 75 g of a specific solvent as desired or a concentrate can be prepared to be added to the mixture.

The following  applications can thus be suggested:

– oily skin

– sensitive skin

– dry skin

– devitalised skin


Salon: CHS003. Marine Beauty Mask. 250 ml.