The Swiss Riviera


Illyssia products are 100% made in Switzerland, the birthplace of advanced beauty, cosmetics and wellness research and know-how.

The Illyssia Laboratories and headquarters are located in Montreux, on the shores of Lake Geneva, facing the Swiss Alps, in the heart of the Swiss Riviera.

As one of Switzerland’s most delightful regions, the Swiss Riviera boasts the highest concentration of anti-ageing, health and beauty clinics, laboratories, researchers and products in the world. Cosmetic and health treatments have flourished here for almost 200 years.

Today, the region remains at the forefront of skincare and cosmetology, benefitting from the fruits of research developed with each passing decade. The expertise found in the area has influenced and contributed to Illyssia’s development; our own specific know-how includes anti-ageing and prophylactic products and techniques.